Constructability Review

During the EPC stage of the project, at a suitable time agreed between all parties, a constructability review workshop is convened to review the construction activities and methods. The constructability review should only be convened when the contractor has developed the methods and details of the construction activities being undertaken.

Contractor and the appointed construction contractor should provide the team with a complete list of construction activities, methods, and timings.

The constructability review is to analyse and assess the feasibility of construction. The purpose of the review is to assess the physical limitations of the work site. The review shall assess for example:

  • Lay-down and storage area requirements
  • Access routes and their suitability
  • Availability of job site utilities
  • Interfaces with process plant
  • Other unrelated construction activities
  • Limitations and restrictions on hours of operation
  • Physical limitations of construction equipment
  • Availability of labour and materials
  • Seasonal influences on the work
  • Long lead time items or other critical activities / equipment that may lead to construction delays
  • Site safety and security
  • Traffic impacts
  • Safety aspects of barriers
  • Noise mitigation